DANIele cavallanti & tiziano tononi

Nexus was formed in 1980 by Daniele Cavallanti and Tiziano Tononi with the idea of creating a long lasting unit/sound inspired by the most peculiar musical experiences of the ‘60s (Mingus, Coleman, Coltrane, Shepp, Cherry, Art Ensemble of Chicago, Liberation Orchestra etc.), adapted to a contemporary context. In over 30 years of activity Nexus has become more and more a sort of a workshop band in which many different musicians have been playing, adding their own voices to what has always been, anyway, the “Nexus sound”.

Nexus took part in the most important jazz festivals in Italy: Milano, Clusone, Cagliari, Bolzano, Trento, Roma, Pavia, Noci, Talos Ruvo di Puglia, Venezia. Verona. Toured Germany and Holland in '82, '83, '85 and played at jazz festivals in Wien, Koln, Le Mans, Kempten, Mulhouse, Vilshofen, Gent, Opeye, Saarbrucken St. Ingbert, Tampere, Vancouver, Braga.

The repertoire of the group consists mainly of original compositions by the two leaders. Specials projects have been dedicated to the music of Albert Ayler, John Coltrane, Don Cherry, Roland Kirk and Duke Ellington.

In 2015 Nexus has again renovated the line up exploring and expanding the Sound by adding Pasquale Marra on vibes; the young and talented Francesco Chiapperini on bass clarinet, alto sax and flute; Silvia Bolognesi on double bass continuing the powerful and full-bodied rhythm section work which is still going on since 2007 with Tiziano Tononi on drums. And of course Daniele Cavallanti on tenor sax and ney flute.

"NEW NEXUS" (2015)

Daniele Cavallanti - tenor sax, ney flute
Francesco Chiapperini - alto sax, bass clarinet, flute
Pasquale Mirra - vibes
Silvia Bolognesi - double-bass
Tiziano Tononi - drums, percussion